Q: What is the Contact Summit?
Contact is a working festival of innovation where where the net's leading minds and entrepreneurs can connect with the people who are building the social technologies of tomorrow. The day consists of three parts: a morning series of provocations by a dozen of the net's brightest minds, an afternoon of sessions convened by the participants, and the Bazaar - a two-hour expo where any participant or company can share, pitch, and demo its offering or work-in-progress - as well as win one of three $10,000 awards.

For a complete description of the day, check our agenda page.

Q: When and where is the event?
The Contact Summit will take place October 20, 2011 at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York City. Doors open at 7:30am. The summit will commence promptly at 9:00am.

Q: Who should attend the Contact Summit?

  • Companies who want to see the social technologies of tomorrow, meet their developers, and understand concepts such as gamification, virtual currency, reputation-based platforms, and open enterprise.
  • Builders looking to demo their work and ideas, find collaborators, obtain funding, get the advice of some of the net's most successful developers and entrepreneurs or inspiration from leading artists and intellectuals.
  • Individuals wanting to learn about the greater potential of social media and to participate in these discussions.

Q: How much does it cost?
The regular price for day including food, drinks, and entertainment is $245.

Q: Is there a hotel discount?
Yes, several hotels in the area are offering discounts for Contact Summit and Social Week attendees. For full accommodation info, click here.

Q: How do I sign up to demo at the Bazaar?
Your registration entitles you to take part in the Bazaar, a 2-hour exhibition and celebration. You can demo completed projects or works in progress, solicit collaborators or funders, peddle your wares, spread your memes, or even just entertain others. Bazaar demos may also be entered in the Contact Innovation Awards for the chance to win one of three $10,000 prizes. For more info about the Bazaar and to fill out the exhibitor form, click here.

Q: I’m interested in speaking at the summit. Who should I contact?
Our morning "provocation" spots are already filled by ten speakers from among our featured participants, who will speak for five minutes each. The way to share your bigger ideas will be through sessions you convene during Contact. We’ll have three 45 minute sessions over the course of the afternoon, with as many as 20 groups convening meetings simultaneously. At the end of the day, we'll convene followup sessions for three or four of these topics. See the schedule for more on how this will work.

This format is inspired by the ‘unconference,’ which you can learn more about here.

Q: How do I get a Press Pass?
Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your readership by filling out our press form. Feel free to contact Susan von Seggern with any other questions.

Q: Will the conference be livestreamed?
We are still working on this. Keep checking back for updates!

Q: Can I volunteer in exchange for attendance?
Please contact Andrew Nealon to see if we have the space to accommodate your request.

Q: What is MeetupEverywhere?
For those who can’t attend the NYC event in person, we encourage you to participate locally in your own communities using MeetupEverywhere as a tool for event organizing. Let’s make the Contact Summit a global affair!

Q: What kind of sponsorship opportunities are there?
Lots. Patrons can sponsor the Social Innovation Competition, underwrite the Bazaar, or fund scholarships for the artists, students, activists, people from developing nations, and others who would otherwise be challenged to attend. For more information about sponsor options, contact Mike Edelhart.

Q: Where is everybody now?
Online in our forums, conversing about what they're working on and what they hope to accomplish at Contact.

Q: I’m in. Where do I register?
Right here!