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Contact Summit - "A festival of ideas"
Join the movement - organize a Contact event in your own city!

Do you want to be part of the Contact Summit, but can't make it to NYC? Local Contact communities are starting up all over the globe ( Here is how you can be part of the Contact Summit: you can start a Contact Summit Meetup in your own city and connect to a global network to build innovative social and cultural solutions.

Be the future!

What is the Contact Summit?

The ContactSummit will be held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation on October 20 during Social Week in NYC. It will be a working festival of innovation, including ten short “provocations” by world-renowned social media theorists and entrepreneurs, an afternoon of self-organized discussion sessions, and a two-hour Bazaar where individuals and businesses can demo their projects and share ideas.

The Contact event is just a snapshot of a larger movement taking place around the globe; all involved can support and highlight the many Global Meetups, gatherings and conversations about emerging social technologies and our networked future. Together we can  build a network of world-changing innovation and action.

Projects and Potential Topics

As the organizers of the Contact Summit, we encourage you to get involved! Contact is not a single event but an emergent, "headless" network, and the more nodes we add around the globe, the more powerful we get!  

Using and potentially other online forums, nodes in the network can organize around specific projects that will provide solutions to questions like:

  • Can we build an alternative Internet that can’t be co-opted or switched off?
  • What are the opportunities of mesh networks, and how viable is their development?
  • How do we ensure privacy, security and freedom of expression on the net?
  • How do we facilitate distributed, effective mass collaboration?
  • What tools are needed for communities to exchange value & self-organize?
  • What mechanisms are needed for self-governance and open democracy?
  • What new social and cultural frameworks are emerging around networked tools for collaboration and cooperation?

Get Involved – Here’s How

The answers to these and similar questions will catalyze the emergence of  a network of forward-looking solutions-focused groups and projects. To support and synergize work already being done online and offline, Contact Summit organizers are coordinating resources for these various conversations and projects to become aware of each other so that the network will emerge with a life of its own. To be part of the network, you should:

  • identify your “node” (Meetup) on the wiki page at,
  • describe your focus (project or affinity),
  • identify a contact person or project lead for your group, and
  • explain the help you need and/or the resources you have to offer.

See “How to Participate,” below, for more information about how to organize your group and connect to the network.


We’ve put information about Meetup Everywhere, which provides a platform for organizing multiple related meetings at once, on the homepage of the Contact Summit website, and are suggesting it as a way to network the efforts of global groups that want to have their own local Contact Summit event. Follow the Meetup Everywhere link ( to find others in your area who are planning to meet, and use it to coordinate a local Contact Summit Meetup focusing on one or more relevant projects.

Join the Google Group for Global Contact Meetup organizers and participants to collaborate and plan at

Your initiatives and projects can be added to the Contact wiki, and organizers will provide a forum where groups can upload notes and media from their Meetups and join conversations with other groups around the globe.

By helping to build a strong and viable communication network connecting all the global groups working on these challenges, you can help expand and accelerate what we can all accomplish together, and build a network of connections and mutual support.

No one owns or has authority for this network – as Howard Rheingold says, “what it is is up to us.”

How to Participate

  • Join the Google Group for Global Contact Meetup organizers and participants at
  • Follow the link to Meetup Everywhere:
  • Join or start a Meetup Everywhere community platform for your area. Communicate with others in your area who sign up.
  • Work with others to find a venue and plan a Contact Summit Meetup around the time of the NYC meeting (October 20).
  • Grow your Meetup through people you know, through Meetup Everywhere, and through hyperlocal social media.
  • Participate in Contact Forums: [Coming Soon]

If you have questions, email contactglobal at